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June 27, 2023

Max Sinsteden’s Riff on Hillstone Coleslaw

If you’ve ever craved Houston’s, or Hillstone’s, iconic coleslaw but cannot get a reservation you’ll want to file away this recipe. New York-based interior designer Max Sisteden has generously shared his riff on the classic Ding’s slaw for The Dinner Bell and by gosh it is identical in taste and presentation. Max perpetually inspires me with his effortless, Ina-esque dishes and elegant table settings, you will absolutely want to follow him on Instagram. With the Fourth hot on our heels, make this quintessential summer side for family and friends—it is sure to secure your invitation to their holiday home for years to come.

During the first COVID lockdown my husband Jordan and I began craving various dishes from our favorite restaurants. What started out as a casual way of entertaining ourselves when locked in the house eventually became a full fledged challenge: replicating a favorite restaurant meal as accurately as possible at home. One of our most favorite evenings out in New York has always been for gin martinis with blue cheese olives and ribs with coleslaw & shoestring fries at Hillstone. The recipe shared here is a heavily borrowed version of the famous coleslaw served at Hillstone. It’s even better the second day. –Max Sinsteden

Wishing you all a very happy, and delicious, Fourth!

PS Looking for another great recipe to prepare and pack for a summer getaway? Try Sweet Corn Gazpacho or Neiman Marcus Chicken Salad.

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