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March 9, 2023

In the Kitchen: Organization, Odds & Ends

Hello dear readers! After spring break comes the spring clean, no? An efficient kitchen is essential in our home and I thought I would share some recent refreshes in the way of attractive drawer lining, everyday cooking items and a few organization examples that will really resonate with type As. The best part? It’s all simple.

Marbled Paper

I’ve used marbled paper for years to cover books and wrap gifts—every time I feel a sheet in my hand it harkens back to childhood memories of my mom’s secretaire laden with marbled accents. I can still smell the rose sachet tucked away in a drawer all these years later. Each one-of-a-kind sheet is hand-crafted, yielding roughened edges and variations in pattern.

I found a wonderful source that offers a kaleidoscope of colors to choose from and decided to line my kitchen drawers with cream sheets. With four sheets I was able to line nine drawers. I ordered a rose gold roll as well for wrapping presents and holiday decorating (think Valentine’s Day hearts and a pastel mantel chain garland for Easter).

Odds & Ends

It was time for a refresh on some of the kitchen’s most used and utilitarian accoutrement, why not make it all match? While I was at it, a second set of Lagiuole steak knives in bone were added to cart.


These days, a grab-and-go approach is what I’m aiming for in organization. I love having spices alphabetized in a cabinet next to the range for convenience while cooking and baking. Filling, labeling and ordering up the spice jars was akin to a religious experience for me, maybe I need some more excitement in my life.

Children’s items are stored away in low drawers for little hands to have easy access to. I rely on these great drawer dividers ($39 for four) to create some semblance of organized chaos for the colorful collection.

Favorite Children’s Kitchen Items

Happy organizing!

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    pretty pretty!

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      Thank you!

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