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April 16, 2024

Spring Break in Sea Island

Happy spring, dear readers. With warm weather travel top of mind, I thought I would share our recent spring break sojourn to Sea Island. If you live in the Southeast, and Atlanta in particular, you are probably well-versed in the five-star experience that Sea Island offers. Its history is what lures me in, having grown up experiencing the original Cloister by celebrated society architect Addison Mizner in Boca Raton, Florida. 

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November 12, 2019

Heading West: An Autumn Trip to Jackson Hole

There’s nothing like incessant Atlanta humidity and a calendar bubbling over with obligations to make you run for the hills or, more appropriately, the Teton Range! A recent trip to Jackson, Wyoming provided a much-needed respite from the proverbial hamster wheel that reaches a fever pitch right around autumn. I had a hunch that the majestic mountain air and fabulous accommodations awaiting my husband and I would be incredible but Jackson Hole very much exceeded my expectations.

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June 6, 2018

Olde Florida: Classic Boca Raton Homes


With a style all their own, tropical South Florida havens have been charming permanent residents, snow birds and weekenders alike for decades. The originals are few and far between these days given how difficult it is to maintain an older home in the harsh conditions of humidity and the ever present threat of hurricanes down South. Another reason? The prospect of building a very large, new home in place of these more seasoned abodes is an attractive one to many. While in Boca Raton last week, I did some touring to put my eyes on the oldies but goodies you’ll see below. They’re so divine, I was a smidge tempted to move back. Then I remembered what that weather does to my hair, a cross between finger-in-a-light-socket and cotton candy, and quickly abandoned the relocation scheme.


A Mizner-style charmer.

Off of Camino Real, the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club is sparsely dotted with Bermuda-style cottages and a few other delights that make you want to sip a Mai-Tai in a patio dress. Construction of this development began in 1959 and plots for homes were snapped up quickly by those wanting waterfront property with golf and polo amenities. Neighborhood guidelines mandated that all homes were to have white roofs and be one story; oh to go back in time and see streets lined with these beauties!

Bermuda-Style Cottages

Just what developer Arthur Vinings Davis had in mind for his Boca Raton Resort & Club adjacent neighborhood, these homes are 1960’s originals. They’re topped with pristine white shingle roofs, sit on very large lots and boast waterfront or golf course facing backyards. Do I sound like a realtor yet?


The lilac lawn jockey (right by the garage door) is my favorite whimsical touch on this one. The tangerine shutters and house number are a close second.


A little aquamarine play on this one…

It’s All About the Awning

If it were up to me, I would slap an awning on everything. The charm factor is off the charts on these next three homes that used the embellishment just right.


My favorite house! It’s pink, has Greek statue adornments, original front doors and awnings. When can I move in?


A little slice of Florida sunshine with a scalloped awning and the cheeriest hue of yellow to boot.


This awning with tassel motif is spectacular! I’m a fan of the weather vane too.

Mid-Century Magic

I would venture to say that this retro lady is the only one of her kind left in Boca Raton so based on originality, she made my list of highlights. If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of the perfectly mod staircase in the window.


A rare sight in South Florida! Notice the proportioned shutters on the larger windows.

In the historic Old Floresta neighborhood, Addison Mizner’s grand plan of residences for his family and the employees of the nearby Cloister Inn (now Boca Raton Resort & Club), there are just three of his originals left. They all date back to the 1920’s and their owners have managed to preserve them especially well.


In the days before street signs, names were assigned to individual houses to help the gardeners identify them. This one is the “Lavender” house.


Known as the “Acacia” house, Mizner built this for his brother Rev. Henry Mizner.


The “Aiken” house named after the prominent film producer and former mayor of Boca, Fred Aiken.

Stucco Sensation

Right on the water, this pretty Spanish-style house surrounded by meticulous, lush landscaping caught my eye. The turquoise painted window panes add so much character!


I hope you enjoyed touring classic Boca Raton homes with me, if this is your cup of tea, you might like this post I did on the history of the city and Mizner’s big dreams for it. All pictures were taken with my iPhone on a hazy day from the backseat of my dad’s car so I apologize for the poor-ish quality! A big thank you to him for carting me around all afternoon and to my sister for joining along!