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January 16, 2023

Be Mine: Class Valentines Ideas

28 days until cupid’s arrow aims right towards your child’s class! In this post you’ll find a collection of the most delightful personalized Valentines and corresponding treats to send in on February 14th. Sweethearts, sweet nothings and so very much sugar—oh my!

Pollen for You

Last year’s Valentines were fit for a queen bee (they also come in blue!). We paired them with individual honey sticks for a touch of sweet.

Clover Honey Sticks, set of 50 for $11.99. I also love these for tea!

You’re Colorful

Miniature watercolor palettes, $8 for a pack of 12. Too cute in person!

Seeing Red

Make life easy with a sticker! Red truck sticker set, $8.49 for 20.

Sprinkle some of these heart-shaped jelly beans into a cellophane bag and adhere with the charming sticker above.

Best Friendchip

Sophie Edwards card set, $20 for 25. Louisa picked this clever design for her Valentines this year. Comes in blue, pink or white!

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Good Crisp! We’ll be pairing the above card with these individual canisters of chips in a cellophane bag tied with plenty of raffia ribbon. Classic Good Crisp set, $22 for 12.

The Cat’s Meow

For Louisa’s 2021 Valentines, we ordered these leopard lovelies from Walton Street Stationers. Animal crackers and M&Ms made them all the more appealing to the preschool set.

Set of C. Buxton Designs leopard cards, $40. May be ordered through Walton Street Stationers here.

Here are the exact red, pink and white M&Ms I used. The animal crackers may be picked up at Target or similar! Cellophane bags available here.

Too Cool

This one’s for the guys! Sophie Edwards card set, $18 for 25.

We purchased these for Louisa’s fifth birthday party and they were a hit, very cool indeed. $25 for a pack of 36 assorted glasses.

Tons of Fun

Dogwood Hill circus Valentines set by artist Willa Heart, $38 for 20.

Practically vintage! Tie an above card to each of these Barnum animal cracker boxes for a sweet surprise. $20 for a set of 12.

Pop Goes the Heart

Balloon hearts sticker, $12.74 for 20. Adhere them to these cellophane treat bags.

These small conversation hearts cookie cutters are perfect for little bakers. $19.99 for 20.

Somebunny Special

Dogwood Hill rabbit card set by artist Inslee Fariss, $38 for 20.

Every parent rejoices at the sight of these bunny gummies. $14 for a 24 pack.

Featured ballerina Valentines at the top of this post are from Dogwood Hill, $38 for a set of 20. Wishing you all a loved up lead up to Valentine’s Day! xx

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